Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair Cleaning and Conditioning Washing

There are various ways to shampoo hair, and selection of a method is determined by one's hair type and available resources. The most common method of hair washing is shampooing followed by conditioning. If one is a daily hair washer, then repeating the application of hair shampoo may not be necessary. However, if one waits a day or more between hair washings, then the first shampoo may only break up the surface tension of sebum, and a second shampoo application to the scalp hair may be necessary to thoroughly remove the sebum. The need for a second application is not related to hair length.

To help lift any scaly skin, detritis, and sebum from the scalp, especially for those who suffer from scalp skin ailments, very gently scratching the surface of the skin with a small fine toothed comb may help to loosen and lift grime and dead skin cells before washing the hair. This may help create a cleaner scalp during the hair washing process.

Microfiber towels that help absorb the water from hair faster than conventional towels are available on the market. These are particularly helpful for those with very thick hair that may otherwise take a while to dry, especially if air drying. Shampoo and conditioner should be used moderately. Washing with shampoo and conditioner more than 3 times a week may dry hair, making it "frizzy."

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