Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reasons for Removing Hair : Male-to-Female Gender Reassignment

Male-to-female transsexual women who are preparing for sex reassignment surgery usually remove their facial beard hair, typically either by electrolysis or laser, or a combination of the two procedures. While this is commonly done entirely before surgery, some patients will start the procedure before surgery, and finish after a few months to several years, often due to cost.

In addition, some surgeons recommend that a part of the pubic hair be removed prior to surgery as well, usually by electrolysis. Since the neovagina is created using the skin of the penis and part of the scrotum, which usually has active follicles, the hair is removed from these areas prior to surgery, in order for the genitals to be fashioned without the concern of hair growth inside of the neovagina. In some cases, the surgeon scrapes the underside of the skin to remove the follicles at or near the beginning of the surgery, eliminating the need for pre-surgical hair removal.

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