Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hair Removal with Enzimes


This is a prescription cream which is used as a topical medication in slowing down the growth of the hairs. This is also an active ingredient that slows down the hair growth. Vaniqa can also be used on the face for reducing the unwanted hairs and is used by women of 12 years and over. It is important to know that unlike depilatories, which remove hairs from the surface of the skin, Vaniqa actually prevents the growth process of the hair and improves the appearance and the condition of the skin. This is used by a lot of people in improving the appeal of their skin through a reduced hair growth.

Eflornithine is also an effective hair growth inhibiting agent. As a topical application, the drug has been shown to be an effective hair growth retardant in some patients, and is sold under the brand name Vaniqa (eflornithine hydrochloride 13.9%). Efficacy data submitted to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) observed about 58% of women using it on facial hair had improvement. This study suggested it may be particularly effective in postmenopausal women. One large published study on safety found the product rarely caused significant side effects such as acne, follicle irritation, itching or dryness. This corroborates unpublished data submitted to FDA showing about 2% of subjects discontinued use due to adverse reactions.

It is partly the development of the hair removal market that encouraged Aventis to re-start the manufacture of eflornithine, and which allowed it to once again become available for use in sleeping sickness.

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